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DoubleG Construction is the most admired construction company in Canada. We have expertise in executing large and complex projects. To accomplish this expertise, our responsible site managers hire and retain, a first-class experience, and an efficient workforce. We have successfully completed various projects. Using outstanding materials, the latest innovations, and the most precise craftsmanship we deliver projects to exceed your expectations. Also, We deliver all your projects on time and do not compromise on safety and sustainability.

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Commercial Buildings

We have been involved in providing luxurious and comfortable residential developments to meet the demands of the customer.

Residential Buildings

We cater to the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs by providing them with excellent commercial buildings.


We aim to provide good renovation services, thereby refurbishing your furniture as well as interiors using all our expertise and technical skills.

Retaining Walls

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers are always ready to provide the services of designing and executing the Retaining Wall.

Flooring and Tiles

We provide flooring services to repair your damaged floors at cost-efficient prices.


We offer you a warming range of designer furnishing accessories that make your place the most beautiful of all time.


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Is it convenient to construct a house for yourself or buy a ready-made one?
Constructing a house yourself is better than buying a ready-made house because we can build our home according to our taste, budget and of course in good quality. If you go for a ready-made house, it is built according to the other one’s taste, budget, location preference, and family needs.
How long do you usually take to complete the construction of a house?
The normal duration of constructing a home is approximately 12-14 months. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you just would always require 12-14 months to construct the house. there’s a lot of buffer period provided, so the common problems like labor problems, material unavailability, rains, and strikes that affect construction during a site, are calculated.
How Do You supervise Clean-Up During And After Construction?
Keeping all our worksites as spotless as possible are a few things we take great pride in. Disposal bins will make sure that all scrap materials and garbage have an area to go—anything that may be recycled is going to be kept orderly and consistently dropped off at a recycling station. All worksites are left in a very tidy manner at the tip of every workday. Once a project is get completed, our professional cleaning staff will be available and thoroughly clean your new space.
If I demolish My House, Will It Be Possible To Use Materials From My Current Home In My New Home?
Absolutely! We will do a thorough inventory of all the fixtures, doors, windows, etc. We will make a list of recoverable materials that can be utilized in an elite way in your new home.


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